kaitesquill (kaitesquill) wrote in eroticpoetry,

be cautioned of sexual violence in this piece

I like the cruelty of your lips,
and the anger in your stride.
I like the way you disregard me,
the contempt in you eyes.
I crave the impact of your wrath,
it'll come; you're so vain.
I feel the threat of you near,
and I relish the pain.

You look like late October,
while a storm swirls in your hair.
You took me to the darkest place,
and dragged me to despair.
You tied me to a metal rail
and looked me in the face.
The veil of pain I wore was frail.
so you'd leave me in this place.

You'd never left me by myself.
My resolve started to fade.
No one would hear my cries for help,
but I wouldn't call out anyway.
If you left me here to suffer,
I deserved to feel the pain,
and that was when you brought her,
and everything would change.

Your shadow in the doorway
burned a silhouette against the moon.
She made a sound of panic
as you dragged her in the room.
You lit a tier of candles
on an alter you had made,
and laid her down before me
as a gift from the depraved.

Her hair was all around her,
like spun gold in firelight.
She writhed in her apprehension.
I could've told her not to fight,
But something about her misery,
was exquisitely tantalizing,
so richly erotic to me,
that I didn't see the rising.
You turned in my direction,
and your eyes turned me to stone.
You grasped your full erection
like you wanted me to know
how insignificant I was,
and so very replaceable.
You pinned her thrashing body,
and shoved inside of her.

I couldn't look away
when her back arched off the floor.
Such exquisite pain
as her body cried out for more.
Her screams were not escaping
for the hand you held her with.
I couldn't stop the raping,
but I thought she wanted this.

I thought she was like me,
just involved in this role-play.
But the panic in her eyes,
and the bruises on her face,
slowly made me understand
she was here against her will.
You watched me as it dawned on me.
This was the real thrill.

You waited for my reaction,
as you fucked her and she begged.
I hated the attraction,
I had to this violence.
I wanted to fight, to claw at you,
and I wanted you inside me.
I wanted all your rage could do.
I needed your punishment in me.

You climbed off, I saw her breathing.
I turned to you as you approached.
I knew that you would hurt me,
but I needed the reproach.
The thing you slid inside me,
was so cold and very hard.
You knelt down close beside me,
and slapped me hard.

You used that thing to fuck me,
and pushed my face into the dirt.
You wanted me to cry out
but no matter how this hurt.
I'd take whatever punishment
you deemed I was worthy of.

If that is all I can have of you
I'll take perversity as love.
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