shadowsanguine (shadowsanguine) wrote in eroticpoetry,

I didn't write this poem but I liked it so much I figured I'd share it with you.

Run your hands up my thighs and under my skirt.
I want to feel you close to me.
Kiss these lips so sweet and tender
Leave me breathless wanting more from you.
Stuck in the middle of the craziness that is your
Desire leading the path to between your legs
where I want to be.
tasting and lingering there for a very long time.
Your chest tightens with ecstasy as my
fingers replace my tongue.
my lips travel up your stomach
nibbling and kissing and licking.
you grab my breasts taking them to your mouth.
I want you, need you.
Must have you.
I am on back, to my surprise.
You’ve taken control. I think I like it.
your fingers dive into me as your lips
are pressed against my neck making their way down.
I know there’ll be a mark on my right breast.
I’m ok with that.
I like that you bite and I like the fact you like pain.
three fingers aren’t enough.
I want to be widened to my limits, I always tighten back to normal.
tears of pleasure form in my eyes as you thrust so deep into me.
I moan and I sigh feeling the rise and fall all at once.
playing with my clit as you suck my nipples.
holding my arms above my head with hand as the other brings me to the brink.
my hips rise pushing against you, pulling you deeper.
As I get closer to coming you release me wrists and I feel extra fingers
in my wetness.
I let out a yelp of excitement.
then just as quick as it was there it was gone
I pout for a second until I feel those same fingers in my ass.
I hold back no more and as your lips press against my pussy
I come on your hands and a little on your face.
As I come down from my high I smile evilly at you.
Now its your turn.
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