n0t_m3 (n0t_m3) wrote in eroticpoetry,

Lady of the Storm

This one was inspired by another one of my readers.
It's kind of a metaphoric description of a woman making Love to the rain.'

or was it the other way around?
Eh you decide.

Lady of the Storm

She's a million miles from home
a bit aware of the distance covered
She's filling the field with her voice
feeling the storm roll over

Mid day seems like an evening
A dark rolling blanket fills her vision
just keep on comming I feel her
my breaze surrounds over comes her

Thunder rumbles over head
and I'm pouring over you
hair flowing down around your shoulders
I was simply covering you completely

I'm pouring down through her hair
I'm running down over her chest
Coursing through her fingers
And filling her with every drop

Do you think you could make my heart flutter
Do you think your heart could flutter along
DO you think the rains would cleanse us
and make the storm grow strong

Pour out your will my love
Pour it out for me
Let your hands reach out
Let them find and cover me

She's a light step in the puddle
and a bit drenched by my hands
She's outlined by the winds
feeling caught up by my flow

Midnight seems like forever
A warm blanket of water courses down
Just stay wrapped inside of me
Inside my brutal front

Waves of pillared cumulous roll over head
and I'm your passion's song
Voices stretched for miles and miles
I was simply singing your song

I'm running through her lips
I'm covering her softly closing eyes
coursing taste over her tongue
and filling her mouth with every drop

Do you think I could enjoy you more
Do you think your pleasure could flutter along
Do you think your hands could reach me
and bring the thunder on

Pour out your senses my love
Pour them out for me
Let your body stretch out
Let your embrace come and cover me
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