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When I think of you

Here is another one of the poems I've been working on.

When I think of you

Eyes open and for a moment I'm still sleeping
though the darkness is seeping through my sight
The night is stretching out for a minute more
and then conciousness takes me

Hand reaches for the knob
and then the light switch
my feet find the cool smooth floor
can I take just a few more steps?

The water is one and the steam rises
one foot in to the tub and then the other
a torrent of heat and liquid hit my face
and now ... now I am comming around

Here I stand in the begining of my day
this is when I think of you
You stand here with me in this begining
water pouring over your body

a smile cracks my lips
and I place my hand in the small of your back
pull you up to me
and enjoy the first kiss of my long day

Soap covers me and my hands slide
down and around me as I contemplate my day
and still you are there
Kiss me Love let me know you see me

Lower you go and I feel you
your lips grasping me and your tongue
it runs up and down the length of me
as I stare at the water running over your head

for a moment I take pause in this moment
but you ... you continue and I relax
I can hear your lips and feel your hands
I can smell you and feel your body on mine

Giggling you pull up and against me
letting your breast slide over me
teasing me with your softness
and then you turn and press yourself into me

Still I am here alone
and when I think of you
my hands on your hips
and with a gentle but firm slap my hand print is on you

I can see your body writhe
I can feel your hips against mine
I can see your ass slam against me
I can see my hands wrapping around you again

When I think of you
in this moment
I begin to lose control
and you beg me to cum for you

When I think of you
I just can not hold out
From my mind to my hand
I explode and convulse and tremble

When I think of you
in this moment and for this moment
you are there in my arms again
and then once more you are gone

Still I think of you
the steam rises
the water continues
and my day moves on

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