Sarah Smiles (sarahsmiles) wrote in eroticpoetry,
Sarah Smiles

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Marking Resistance

A mark of resistance, the line that bifurcates my heart
and clefts my soul, joins in opposition the war within
as it sears my thoughts for you. Flesh unmarred by your passing.
Eyes vacantly looking inward, hoping to visualize a complete past.
Movements fraught with indecisions have lost fluidity or grace.
There was a place that was whole, full of forgiveness and laughter
now caustically mocking the present. I stand, swaying
in the cool night air, aware of nothing else, waiting
for a breeze strong enough to sweep me off my feet
into a far flung future. The body spins around
this central axis. The line that has pierced me
embeds me in hard dry earth.
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